Jub Jub’s New Show Talks Forgiveness

It’s been upto a year since neighborhood rapper Molemo “Jub” Maarohanye had been discharged from jail on parole, and now he is advancing toward your TV screens as the host of a fresh out of the box new show.

Titled Uthando Noxolo, the show is all about forgiveness. “The show goes both ways. First of all it’s about forgiving yourself and then about you going out to extend forgiveness to someone who has never asked for it. Secondly, it’s you asking for forgiveness from someone who you’ve offended,” Mpho Lengane, producer of the show, explained in an interview with The Juice.

When asked about why Jub Jub was chosen at the host, Mpho says it was because of his own journey with forgiveness. “His apology was very public. It was to the entire country and the families that were immediately involved with what happened a few years ago. He’s still dealing with the repercussions of his actions then. There are people who have still not forgiven him, there are people who have forgiven him.”

Mpho believes participants in the show will be able to relate to Jub Jub as “he has gone through the journey and his was public.”

As far as his role goes, Jub Jub’s job will be to facilitate conversations between those partaking in the show. “He’s there actually ensuring that the conversation happening between the two individuals is clear. His job is just to help the parties understand each other.”

About getting Jub Jub involved in the project, Mpho says the former artist would only agree if what they were doing was sincere. “We had to speak to him. He is already doing work like this behind-the-scenes. With him we had to discuss whether it is sensational or it is sincere, because he was not going to do anything if the show was not sincere.”


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