Johannesburg: Mayor Blames High Level Of Corruption For Poor Housing

Mayor Herman Mashaba says of more than 3 000 housing units where construction has ground to a halt over 1 800 of them will be completed in this financial year. (SABC)

City of Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, in a recent interview blamed high levels of corruption for the poor housing conditions in Johannesburg (Jhb).

He also his plans for discussed his plans to combat the high level of poor housing conditions in the city.

During the interview on Radio 702 on the evening of Sunday, June 23, Mashaba spoke about his plans to create safe and suitable housing for residents of Johannesburg.

“The city in the next five or six months will become a construction site.”

Mashaba seemed to be in good spirits and managed to make a joke or two with talk show host Gushwell Brooks.

  “Thank you so very much for taking me away from home on a Sunday       evening. It was not an easy decision to accept this invitation but I think,   unfortunately, I’m a public servant, so I have to take the punishment from time   to time.”

However, this did not stop Mashaba from speaking about the challenges that the city of Johannesburg faces.

During the interview on the evening of Sunday, June 23, 2019, Mashaba spoke about his plans to create safer houses for residents of Johannesburg.

“I have the responsibility to rebuild the city. I have to provide affordable accommodation for people and I have to provide affordable accommodation for the students. We have a massive housing backlog, particularly affordable accommodation.”

He added proudly that the project was already underway with almost R20 billion of construction contracts.

“You will see that the city will become a construction site. This is because I’ve managed to raise money that this city has not seen in more than 300 years.”

Poor housing conditions

Many of the residents of Jhb are still living in poor housing conditions. Some have taken to living in abandoned buildings.

In 2016, when Mashaba was sworn in as Mayor he ordered a study to be done as to why Jhb lacked adequate housing.

He claimed that the study found that there was R170 billion worth in infrastructure backlog.

“The city is literally decaying. I know that 25 years ago, that the city (Johannesburg) was one of the newest cities in the world. It was a well standard. It was a new city. “

Mashaba stressed that as the Mayor he has a responsibility to rebuild the city.

Rooting out corruption

During the interview, Mashaba claimed that the high level of corruption that caused the poor housing conditions.

“The level of corruption that I’ve uncovered and still keep uncovering up till today. It’s an actual disappointment for me.”

He added that there was a lack of leadership outside of political allegiance was another reason for poor management of the city.

“The leadership of the city run along with political alliance. Instead of putting a professional public service that serves any government elected by the people. I had a huge task.”


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