Johannesburg International Comedy Festival: See List Of Performers

Johannesburg comedy festival

Over 30 local and international comedians will entertain South African comedy lovers at the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival (JICF).

The two-day treat boasts six shows by comedians from all over the world. The festival was unavoidably postponed last year following student protests around the country. Nevertheless, Organisers were excited to announce the line-up and dates earlier last week.

Here’s The Complete List The director of the Festival, Takunda Bimha said; “After the postponement of the festival late last year due to the student protests, we are very excited to be back with our next edition of JICF”.

Local comedian Celeste Ntuli is one of the comedians who will set the stage alight during the festival. Therefore, Ntuli said that she can’t wait to network with her international counterparts and teach them a thing or two about SA humour.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet, network and connect with different people from different countries. “I know we are all going to have a good time and I look forward to teaching the international comedians the South African kind of humour. Because you know, there are certain things that will need to be contextualised or explained like the term ‘yellowbone’,” she said.

Besides, the comedian added that she was keeping up with global current affairs. Thus, her material was fresh and relevant.

The line-up for the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival includes the best comedians from across the world including. Africa, Russia, Denmark USA and the UK will all grace the stage.

The line-up includes; Kagiso Lediga, Joey Rasdien, Athena Kugblenu (UK), Sofie Hagen (Denmark), Eric Lampaert (France), Ahmed Bharoocha (USA) and Athena Kugblenu (UK) among others.

The comedy festival will also feature jazz amid other performances and will take place from March 31 until April 1.


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