A Joburg Woman Is Making Sure People In Need Have Access To Formal Clothing

The Matric Dance Charity Express helps teens choose their own beautiful dresses and dapper suites as well as offering outfits for important interviews.

The Matric Dance Charity Express helps high school students dress to impress for their school dances. The teens that come through to the charity, can’t afford to buy or even rent a dress.

The charity lets people rent their clothing by bringing along something that can be used for “Charity Starts with Me”, a partner feeding programme. They accept donations of small non-perishable food items but are happy to assist anyone even if they cannot afford to give food.

The charity is all about paying it forward. Sometimes they connect high school students with makeup artists and photographers that want to donate some time to make someones dance memorable.

In an interview with the Randburg Sun, Glynis Rozendo explained what inspired her to start the charity.

“There are so many students from disadvantaged communities who cannot afford to dress up for the occasion, so they miss it all together,

“This is very upsetting for them, as they have worked hard their entire school career, but end up missing the one night where they can truly shine,”

Glynis doesn’t only help high school students. She also helps people dress more formally for prospective jobs and interviews.

“It can be highly stressful for a person to go on their first interview. I make sure that they look the part… Some generous people have even donated their Armani, Gucci and Hugo Boss suits.”


Written by How South Africa

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