Joburg Experiencing 33 Hours Water Cut Off, List Of Where To Find Water Tankers

The 33 hours water cut announcement made by the Johannesburg water department has driven panic across the city with many residents not knowing how they would cope without water supply for nearly two days.

Residents will have their water cut from 8am on Tuesday as Johannesburg Water does repair work on its main water line.

Johannesburg Water’s Eleonor Mavimbela says: “It’s basically your Langlaagte and Randburg areas. That’s Bryanston extension 5 and surrounding areas.”

According to the report, the water cut will afftect the following areas:

Areas affected:

  • Robindale Ext 1
  • Jacanlee
  • Cresta Ext 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Darrenwood
  • Aldarapark
  • Windsor
  • Robin Hills
  • Windsor Glen
  • Rand Park Ext 4, 5 and 6
  • Fontainebleau
  • Linden
  • Pine Park
  • Bryanston Ext 3 and 5
  • Beverly Gardens
  • Ferndale (all extensions)
  • Strijdom Park
  • Osummit
  • Candia Grove (all extensions)
  • Bryanbrink
  • Daniel Brinkpark
  • Lyme Park Ext 3 and 4
  • Kensington B

The Joburg Water, however, stated that it has made contingency plans ahead of the 33 hours water cut while maintenance and repairs are done to pipes as it assures that Joburg Water says completion of the maintenance is expected on Wednesday afternoon.

The maintenance involves cutting off a portion of the pipe, replace it, to ensure continuous water supply and improved service delivery in affected areas” said Eleanor Mavimbela, External Communications Officer Joburg Water

She added that water tanks have been placed around affected areas and that the tanks will be refilled and will remain in affected areas until full restoration is completed.

“Repairs will be completed at 5pm on Wednesday but we do ask residents to be patient until all water is restored from low to high lying areas.”

The water tankers will be located in the following places: 

  • Corner of Beatrice Street and Dukes Avenue, Windsor
  • Corner of Republic Road and Judges Avenue, Cresta
  • Corner of 1st Avenue and Bramfischer Drive, Linden
  • Corner of 5th Street and 3rd Avenue, Linden
  • Corner of 8th and 3rd streets, Linden
  • Corner of Dalmeny Road and Gavin Avenue, Pine Park
  • Corner of Vincent and San Michelle roads, Aldarapark
  • Corner of Winston Street and Valley Road, Robin Hills
  • Corner of Anchor and Chester roads, Bryanston
  • Corner of Conduit Street and Westview Drive, Bryanston
  • Corner of Bath and Cypress avenues, Bryanston
  • Corner of Highview Boulevard and West Avenue, Ferndale
  • Corner of Bright Water Commons on Republic Road, Ferndale
  • Corner of Fabriek Street and Serling Road, Strijdompark
  • Ferndale High School on Milne Road, Kensington B
  • Corner of Sirdar Street and Abington Road, Kensington B

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