Jesse Jackson: Most South Africans Aren’t Economically Free

American social equality lobbyist Jesse Jackson says South Africa still needs to vanquish a type of politically-sanctioned racial segregation in view of assets, as the larger part of residents are not monetarily free.

He’s told a business breakfast in Sandton that the country needs to ensure that black people own shares in big franchises and international companies.

Jackson says that black people need to have shares in car dealerships and the advertising sector.

“For example, Toyota is here. You meet with Toyota, you may get a share in car dealerships and supplies.”

Jackson says black people are the majority and should have more ownership, but instead the private sector seems to have all the leverage.

“You have the talent and the market, leverage that for growth. If it comes from the people, its called democracy.”

Jackson says that after apartheid, black people were afforded more rights, but white people just got richer.


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