Jacob Zuma Travels Overseas For Medical Reasons

Zuma family

News that former president Jacob Zuma had taken ill and was undergoing “treatment” overseas has left many asking questions.

According to a Sunday World report, Zuma is seeking treatment for an illness linked to an alleged 2014 poison plot. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) declined in September to investigate claims that he had been poisoned.

It was reported that Zuma’s lawyers in a letter to the Zondo commission said he was in hospital in a foreign country and that he would miss the deadline to respond to an application by Redi Tlhabi to cross-examine him. The commission is yet to indicate how it will respond to Zuma’s “ill health”.

Tlhabi applied to cross-examine Zuma at the commission earlier this year after Zuma accused her of being a “spy” and part of a group that “co-ordinated [an] attempt to assassinate” his character.

She said she had received death threats after the former president’s testimony.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:

“Zuma in Cuba seeking treatment for an illness linked to an alleged poison plot from 2014.” Jacob I wish you a speedy and full recovery, you have to have you day in court, you not going to get out of it like the Guptas and Gavin Watson.

Mpumie@Mpumie2017 – Did I hear correctly that Mr JG Zuma went to a hospital in Cuba for whatever is troubling him? Any good enough hospitals here in Mzantsi?

So now #zuma is being flown to Cuba? because he is sick (poisoned?). We are getting closer to his day in Court he wanted so badly. (Almost as badly as #malema now wants his.) Can anyone say: #ShabirShaik?


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