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Jacob Zuma Parole Possible If He Meets Legal Requirements

Former president Jacob Zuma may not get any visitors, will not have access to his cellphone and will be allowed less than six phone calls a month.

He will also be eligible for parole just like any other prisoner which means he will have to serve a quarter of his 15 month sentence before he becomes eligible for parole.

This is according to the Head of Estcourt Correctional Centre, Mpumi Hadebe, who said Zuma would have access to TV and would be wearing orange overalls.

The head of prison said that it was common cause that any offender, including Zuma, could apply for parole and that Zuma would have to serve a quarter of his 15-month sentence before he was eligible to apply.

Hadebe said:

So he is also subjected to that procedure whereby he’s calculated if the sentence falls under the procedure that he qualifies for. Then he’ll be subjected to that … if it’s half like the minister [Lamola] has mentioned, then he’ll be subjected to that half. There are no stipulations of a non-parole period. So he’ll be subjected as any other offender.


Zuma was said to be detained in an isolation facility for 14-days in compliance with Covid-19 regulations in the prison’s hospital wing.

He was assessed by doctors on Wednesday morning and a further health assessment was due.

This followed his arrest on Wednesday after the Constitutional court found him guilty and sentenced him to 15 months in prison for being in contempt of court.

Zuma disobeyed a court order that compelled him to appear before the State Capture Commission.

The Estcourt prison facility is a Medium B facility that accommodates youth and adult inmates.

Briefing the media on Thursday outside the prison, Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola said the ex-president would be assessed by the correctional services medical team in conjunction with the South African Military Health Service as this would determine the conditions of his incarceration.

Lamola said: “This assessment is done to determine the major risks and needs of the offender. A complete profile report will then be submitted with recommendations to the case management committee.

“This process will assist to determine the appropriate classification of the former president. All of these systems are in place to ensure that incarceration is done in a manner which is not retributive, but humane.”

Lamola said all systems were in place to ensure they were taking care of the security arrangements for the former president. Although Lamola said he had met with Zuma, he stressed that the ex-president would not be getting any preferential treatment.

However, he would be treated with dignity while in jail.

Lamola said:

Yes, I have seen him. He is in very good spirits. He has taken his breakfast and is taking his medication. And he is as I have said, we spoke; I told him that I am going to tell the nation that he is in this facility and he said it was important that the nation must know. He is in very good spirits. He looks well and fine. I hope the South African military health services and health services will deal with his health issues.


Lamola said Zuma’s arrest did not divide Cabinet and dismissed the idea that he had had political discussions with Zuma.

“He has indicated that he’s fine. There was no political discussions. Cabinet is not divided on the matter. We have respected the outcome of the Constitutional Court judgment.”

The minister added that the court did not indicate that if arrested, that Zuma should be detained at Durban’s Westville prison.

“The warrant of committal was not for the Durban Westville prison. It was sent to the head of correctional services in KwaZulu-Natal. It does not state that he is to be incarcerated in Westville,” he said.

Zuma’s lawyers were expected to receive judgment from the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Friday, whether the move to have his arrest interdicted would be granted or not.

Lamola said they would cross that bridge when they get there.


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