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Jacob Zuma Foundation Runs Out Of Cash, Fails To Pay Fees Of Sponsored Students


The Sunday Times reports that the Jacob G Zuma Foundation admitted that it has run out of money and cannot pay university fees for at least 30 students that it promised to fund. A January letter to the University of Zululand sees the foundation admitting to having a “challenging” year and revealing that it would not be able to meet certain financial commitments.

The foundation’s bursary students at North-West University were severely let down by the foundation. Spokesman Louis Jacobs revealed that for some, last year’s fees were only settled this year.


The foundation’s January letter also reveals that they have asked the university to release the students from the foundation’s name in order for them to apply for NSFAS.

“All tertiary institutions will be requested to release all the Jacob G Zuma Foundation bursary beneficiaries . from the JGZ Foundation bursary banner in order for them to be able to apply to NSFAS without prejudice or restriction,”

Presidency spokesman Bongani Ngqulunga revealed that Zuma’s foundation had sponsored 20 000 students, even though the foundation faced difficult circumstances.

“Obtaining funding from donors has never been easy, but the entities keep trying. The president urges the private sector to play its part more and support needy students where the foundation has faced difficulties.”

“The students must be assisted to obtain funding, and co-operation – rather than blame – would be more helpful in this regard,” said Ngqulunga.

Foundation chairwoman was standoffish with the Sunday Times but stressed that no bursary had been cancelled.

“We continue to honour our debt and make sure that students continue to study. It must be pointed out that, over the years, we have assisted many students and we continue to do so with limited resources.

“You are aware that President Zuma does not benefit from conglomerates owned by white monopoly capital. We receive donations like other NGOs,”

Let’s hope those students find new funding soon.


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