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Italian Woman Marries Herself In Elaborate Wedding (Photo)

An Italian woman has made headlines across the world after marrying herself in a ceremony with a white wedding dress, a three tier cake, bridesmaids and 70 guests.

Laura Mesi, a fitness instructor and vlogger from the small town of Lissone near Milan, is believed to be the first woman in the country to marry herself following the ceremony last week, the Independent’s Caroline Mortimer reported.

The 40-year-old said the idea of a solo wedding – which has no legal significance – first came to her two years ago after the end of a 12-year relationship.

She said: “I told my relatives and friends that if I had not found my soul mate I would marry myself by my 40th birthday”.

She said she has not rejected the possibility that she may one day find love again but said she can “live a fairytale even without a Prince Charming”.

“If tomorrow I find a man to build a future with I will be happy, but my happiness will not depend on him,” she added.

She is believed to be the first woman to celebrate a self-marriage in Italy, but earlier this year Nello Ruggiero was the first groom to marry himself in a ceremony in Naples.

Mesi is one of an increasing number of people entering into a marriage with themselves, called sologamy, without waiting for a partner.


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