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Is Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi Back Home?

For those living overseas, the pandemic has kept us away from our loved ones. With international borders closed, many are only allowed to travel under special circumstances.

So imagine our surprise when reigning Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi posted images this week of herself in what appears to be her home town in the Eastern Cape?

Taking to Instagram Tunzi gifted her 2.7 million followers with pictures of herself in her village, Sidwadweni.

Captioning the images with: “Even if for a very short while, being home will always be restoration of the soul. After so long we are now currently navigating on tears of joy, love, warmth, support and song. Kuhle eMatolweni!”

It appears the visit will be a short one, but Tunzi couldn’t be happier to be back in South Africa.

And by the looks of her photos, she has been hard at work since returning to the Eastern Cape, from cooking over an open fire to helping out with the chores.

Just last week, Tunzi added her voice in response to the Clicks hair campaign.

“Not only is this disrespectful to black lives, it is also evidence of an absence of representation and diversity within the organisation. And we are talking about a South Africa with a population of about 80% black people (stand to be corrected). No ways,” she wrote on Twitter.

Let’s hope while she’s in South Africa, she keeps us up to date on her adventures.


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