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Is Marching Against e-Tolls Just Vote-Seeking by All Parties?

The Democratic Alliance’s walk to Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s office yesterday to contradict the restoration of the e-toll contract was a “selfish exercise to hoard news headlines”, as per the ANC government.

The DA’s Gauteng chief competitor, Solly Msimanga, who drove the walk to hand over an appeal to with 50 000 marks contradicting e-tolls, said he needed Makhura to proclaim a debate with the national government to constrain them to stop e-tolls.

Msimanga included: “Since 2014, he has on numerous occasions demanded, when it is deliberately helpful, that e-tolls must go. He walked, he set up a commission, he said numerous things, yet the most critical thing he has not said is to both the Ministers of transport and fund ‘don’t restore the accumulation contract when it closes’.

“It is now five years since this contemptuous tolling system was foisted on us, five years of indecisiveness by the ANC.”

Msimanga’s spokesperson Charity Moyo said the DA wanted the collection contract scrapped and instead for e-toll debt to be paid by infrastructure grants.

Makhura’s spokesperson Castro Ngobese’s response was: “The DA is desperate for votes. They will pick an issue to remain relevant, while their own house is imploding as a result of racism and corruption.

“The ANC position has not changed, as was demonstrated by the thousands of Gauteng residents who marched to the Union Buildings.

“E-tolls are not part of the future of the province. The president is looking into the matter and a solution will be found soon. Premier Makhura has met the president on numerous occasions on the matter.”

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse’s (Outa) CEO Wayne Duvenage said the e-toll tender ended on December 3, however, it was claimed that the contract had been extended to 2019. But he questioned whether the continued collection of money would be legal.

“The minister of transport and other parties must give clarity and inform the public of the future plans for e-tolls. They must also explain why e-tolls should continue and state if the Act that allows for this.”


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