Investigation Reveals Zuma, Dlamini-Zuma And Guptas Are Directly Related To Allegations Of Money Laundering

Gordhan Booed At Kathrada Memorial In Durban

A fresh investigation into an alleged money laundering has revealed names of top South African officials, including President Jacob Zuma, presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and the controversial Gupta family for a possible link. According to the list sent to the British financial authorities, Zuma and his family friend will be closely investigation for a further proof of money laundering.

The details are revealed in a letter sent by a former anti-apartheid activist Lord Hain to the Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond in September.

Pravin Gordhan In the letter, Lord Hain stated that it has become clear that South Africa is gripped by a political, economic and social crisis precipitated by a vast criminal network facilitated by the Guptas and the Zumas. He also confirmed that corruption and cronyism are plundering taxpayer resources on a grand scale.

He, however, warned that the Gupta/Zuma network is not localised to South Africa alone but has also enabled by a transnational money laundering network which includes bank accounts and global financial institutions. This comes amid FBI’s investigation into an alleged money laundering by two of the Gupta family members.

The investigation follows the leaked trove of emails – dubbed the “Gupta leaks – which revealed how the Guptas sought to employ their nephews locally in 2013. According to documentation seen by the Financial Times, Brookfield received payments to the US from Accurate Investments in 2014 – the company implicated in the alleged laundering of R30 million, ties to the 2013 Gupta wedding.

Gordhan Booed At Kathrada Memorial In Durban

Both the UK and US probes are directly related to allegations of money laundering in 2013, around the time of the infamous Gupta Suncity wedding, which has attracted criminal charges for the Indian family after it was disclosed that the wedding wasn’t a display of family wealth as everyone thought.

Hain said while the Gupta family’s financial crimes are widely documented, South Africa’s prosecuting authorities have yet to take action because they are regarded as having been compromised. Member of Parliament Philip Hammond responded by saying that the letter had been forward to the relevant UK law enforcement agencies.



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