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Instagram Live Video: Everything To Know About The New Trend

For one thing, better believe it, we’re behind. Instagram launched the live stories work a year ago to constrained countries however reported for the current week that the capacity would be made accessible all around in the following few days.

SA was in that batch and if you scroll to the top of your stories, those peeps that you follow are are going live, will be front in line.

The concept of the live video is similar to Snapchat in that the videos disappear after a certain period.

Some of y’all are probs getting annoyed with the notifications you are constantly getting. This is based on an algorithm that determined which followers are you are most likely to be interested in. But if you still aren’t keen on those early morning beeps, here’s how to stop the noise.



So, about that data?

We might all be payday millionaires, but data goes quick. With default settings, you are using around 5 MB a minute who you live-stream. Of course, this depends on various factor like resolution etc.


The most NB Insta Live tip


Instagram Live has NO filters.



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