Instagram Introduces QR Codes – Here Is How Users Can Generate Code

After a successful launch in Japan last year, social media giant Instagram has introduced QR codes to the app.

Users can now generate QR codes that will be scannable from any supporting third-party camera apps. The idea is that businesses can print their QR code and have customers scan it to open their Instagram account easily. From there, people can see store hours, buy items or just follow the account.

QR codes have become an important tool for business. Some restaurants have begun leaving QR codes out instead of their physical menus and other businesses use it as an important touchpoint with customers.

However, in the past when appealing your account offline, such as in stores or event venues, you had to list your account name in the letters or use Nametags. If you wanted to use a QR code you had to generate the code using external services. Starting now, you can view your QR code within Instagram. If you want to post a QR code in printed materials, you can download it from a web page.

While Nametags might have worked for this purpose, QR codes make it easier for people to scan and make them less reliant on taking out the Instagram camera to access information.

Here’s how you can generate your QR code:

Tap the three-line icon in the upper right corner of your profile screen to display the Settings tab.

Tap “QR code”. You might still see Nametags there, but eventually it’ll become QR code.

Once done you can save or share the image.

Multiple other apps employ their own QR-like system, including, Facebook, Snapchat, and Spotify. Out of all the apps that use this system, Twitter is the only app that supports actual QR codes.


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