Inspiring Story Of A South African Harvard Student, The First In His Family To Graduate From University

Tshidiso Ramogale is inspiring South African’s everywhere! Recently he received his Masters Degree from Harvard Law School and SA is celebrating for him!


Tshidiso is an inspiration to so many South Africans! Proving that hard work really does pay off! Recently someone shared his story online including his thoughts on graduating!

“Graduated! First in my family to graduate from university, first professional in my family and now the first to hold a Master’s degree.

“I may be the first, but I certainly won’t be the last.

“I am here not by my own strength but through the collective strength of the people who have helped carry me thus far – my mother, my sister, my family and friends. From the depths of my heart, THANK YOU for finding me worthy enough to be loved. You are all instruments of God’s continued presence in my life. I hope I have not failed you.” – Tshidiso Ramogale

Tshidiso graduated from WITS with a law degree, from there he was a legal officer at the South African Human Rights Commission and a law clerk to the Honourable Justice Sisi Khampepe of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

From there Tshidiso went to Harvard to complete his Masters. The Harvard website has listed him as a human rights lawyer and social entrepreneur from Johannesburg. We are sure he will do incredible things!

Already he has founded the non-profit, Change SA, which works with young South African’s to become social entrepreneurs. Harvard has commented on his work to date, showing us exactly where his heart lies! A true man of the people.

“His expansive human rights work spans from securing the release of persons unlawfully arrested and detained by the police, to preventing unlawful evictions, and protecting the rights of the elderly and disabled,”

Sources: SA People


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