INFOGRAPHIC: Centurion Crime Hotspots Identified

The seasonal spike in crime in Centurion has prompted the Lyttelton police to list a number of new trouble spots, Rekord Centurion reports. Elardus park had been identified as a hotspot for the theft of bicycles from properties.

Police spokesman Captain Dave Miller said many bicycles had been stolen during house break-ins. Miller warned that bicycles visible to passers-by were bound to be stolen.

South Street, where the taxi rank was situated behind the Centurion Mall, had also been identified a trouble spot.

Miller said crimes were reported where the culprits would drive in different vehicles and stop next to their targets to rob them of their belongings.

“In most cases people with backpacks, handbags and cellphones in their hands are targeted,” said Miller.

He said people were often aware of their surroundings, and this resulted in them becoming crime victims. Miller warned that the Centurion central CBD area saw crimes where people were threatened with knives.

“There are some cases reported that criminals were armed with guns.”

He said vehicle-related crimes were common in Nellmapius Drive and Smuts Road, where cars were often stolen from churches, shopping malls and residential complexes.

“These are the premises that had been identified as hotspots targeted by criminals.” Miller said the traffic testing station in Nellmapius Drive was known as a spot where items were being stolen from cars.

“People would break into cars to steal things that they can see through the window. People need to ensure vehicles are locked before they move away from the vehicles.”

The West Street extension going towards Rabie was said to be a street of theft and robberies. Miller said another new trend was the theft of motorcycles.

New crime hotspots identified by the police include West Street in Lyttelton.

“This is a more prevalent trend throughout Lyttelton,” he said. Doringkloof, Highveld and Zwartkops areas were being targeted for burglaries.

Miller said many crimes went unreported. Bemoaning this phenomenon, he said police could only fight crime they were aware of.

“We need to prioritise and use resources available to us to its maximum capacity to make Lyttelton safer,” he said.

“But we cannot do so without the help of the community. We have to be aware of the crime trends in order to fight them.”


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