Very Important!! 5 Things About P0rn Addiction You Should Know

Here are a couple of things about porn addiction that we should all know as compiled by Cosmopolitan.com’s social media editor Elisa Benson and senior sex and relationships editor Ali Drucker tackle the complexities of porn and porn addiction with the help of Lauren, a recovering porn addict, actress Pamela Anderson and Rabbi Shmuley, who wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal about the dangers of pornography, and sex and relationship expert Dr. Jessica O’Reilly


1. Thanks to the internet, porn is cheap

Porn can be gotten almost anywhere and everywhere, on different platforms. Some of that is due to the internet. . “I think the dawn of the internet age of porn has definitely increased our access — it’s everywhere,” Drucker says. “You could literally be looking at porn now 24 hours a day if you were so inclined, when that hasn’t always been the case.” Anderson agrees. How rampant it is also contributes to porn addiction.

2. Maybe we should define sex and porn addiction

Some people don’t believe there is such a thing as sex or porn addiction. People who have been through it can attest to the validity of the situation. “I think it’s the act of disconnection from your world and not wanting to be present,” Lauren says. “And I think for me, that defines addiction, and if that’s taking you away from your career, your responsibilities, from your love life, then it’s an addiction. So if I’m going off that philosophy, then 100 percent porn is an addiction.”

3. It isn’t just men

There is a stereotyping problem where it is believed that sex addiction is only a guy problem which is certainly false. “When I sought recovery, talking about females dealing with porn addiction was rare,” Lauren says. “And I ended up in sex addiction anonymous and was one of the four women in the state of Alabama seeking help, and, on top of it, I was the only one under the age of 30. So today, I’m so grateful to see that there’s programs popping up for women specifically because they are a part of this demographic dealing with porn and sex addiction.”

4. Porn isn’t really bad for you.

It isn’t evil, but the excess of it like every other thing is bad. “A recent study, we looked at 280 men whose porn consumption varied I think from zero to 25 hours per week, and what they found was there was no positive correlation between porn consumption and desensitization, or arousal or erectile dysfunction issues,” O’Reilly says.

5. It can help your relationship

Couples can take a lesson or two from watching porn together. Dr. Jess explains, “We know that couples who watch porn together report that they have higher levels not only of sexual satisfaction, but sexual knowledge because they start talking about things … Porn is not designed as a form of education. We all know that, all right? It’s not made to be a source of learning. However, it can help us, I think, to teach our partners what we do and don’t like.”


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