Very Important!! 4 Habits You Should Cut Out If You Want To Be A Better Person To Fall In Love With


If everyone appears to have ability to easily find love and move into relationship except you, it means you’re probably not doing some things right.

Here are some of the things you should consider cutting out if you intend to become a better person to date and/or fall in love with.

1. Stop thinking you’re not good enough

When you keep the thought in your mind that that babe is ‘way out of your league’ or that guy ‘is too good for you,’ you limit yourself greatly in the dating game.

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Stop thinking you are not good enough for anybody

While it is never a good thing to be cocky or too full of yourself, it also a terrible, terrible idea to put yourself so low to the point of thinking you are not good enough for the great guys, or ladies.

You deserve the best, and until you get this into your mind, you’ll still be limited to the jerks and bad relationships.

2. Stop being too picky

Perfection is actually a little over-hyped, so stop finding fault with everything and everybody.

You do not have to be too picky 

By being overly picky, you’re going to drive away loads of great people who just have little creases that you could have helped them iron out.

3. Undefined goals

Why are you looking to date without an idea of what you want in mind?

No matter how vague or unclear it might seem [depending on how much you have been disappointed], you just need to have one idea in mind of what you want from potential partners or lovers.

Have an idea of what you want.

Sort out what you want, and the rest will come easy.

4. Drop the desperation

Somehow, desperation reeks and people can always spot it.

You do not want to be that guy whose desperation can be smelled from a mile away, or the girl nobody wants because they know you’re desperate.

So cut it out and be calm, will you?


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