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The Importance Of Donald Trump’s Call To Jacob Zuma

On Monday, Presidency tweeted confirmation that US President Donald Trump and President Jacob Zuma will have a telephonic conference at 5.30pm.

The confirmation from the Presidency was issued after social media users started speculating about the reason for the call and the authenticity of the information. SABC, South African media, foreign editor, Sophie Mukueno in a live programme explained how important the call is for South Africa.

She explained:

As it is for Nigeria, President Donald Trump’s call to South Africa is huge and a great one.

South Africa is a gateway to Africa. South Africa participates in many multi-lateral organizations. And South Africa is one of the countries that are very influential on the continent, around the globe, particularly developing nations.

President Donald Trump is fully aware of South Africa’s role and what the country has done in the past, and how serious people takes South Africa.

For the two African states, the call could signify Trump’s support for the two African large economies. It also means that America cannot be an island – it has to cooperate with members of the International community.

President Mohammadu Buhari is currently in London, where he will receive the phone call.

As Donald Trump is wont to being busy on Social media, he is expected to send out a message on the telephone conversations very soon.



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