“I’m Very Much Alive!” – Actress Ntando Duma Shuns Death Rumours

Apparently, someone forgot to inform popular actress Ntando Duma that she’s already dead and should stay away from social media. The actress has become the latest victim of death by the internet.

Ntando recently shut down rumours alleging that she died at her home recently.She allegedly died after suffering from an “undisclosed sickness” and chest pains.

She was reported to have developed some symptoms and was rushed to the hospital. In addition to the malicious fake rumour, Ntando’s sister, Thando, confirmed the death.

Plus, her family was still in shock after her passing was confirmed. Such was the fake news article the TV personality woke up to. Thus, Ntando took to social media to shut down the rumours.

She posted a picture of the report, and reassured fans that she is very much alive. Actress Ntando Duma who recently turned 29 shared memories from her childhood with fans.

She revealed all the gory details of growing up in an abusive home. Looking back, Ntando still remembers watching her father turn her mom into a punching bag.

This has remained stamped in her mind for several years. “I can still remember some of the things that happened, now,” Ntando said in a recent interview with Times.

“It was quite unfortunate growing up with a father who indulges in too much alcohol. He would drink and come home upset. Eventually, he would turn to his family beating, unleashing his alcohol-inspired anger on them by beating them.”

“My father was an alcoholic and used to drink a lot, he was very abusive. The most tragic thing is me and my siblings would often cry because we were seeing him beating our mother, and he would then beat all of us too,” actress Ntando Duma recalled.

Nevertheless, the star has didn’t let all that stand in her way of achieving her dreams.


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