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Illegal Electricity Connection in Mamelodi Kill Municipal Worker

Residents of Amanda Park Informal Settlement in the far east of Mamelodi could not believe their eyes when they witnessed a man died while trying to illegally connect electricity.

The incident occurred on Friday morning.

It was alleged that the victim was an off-duty municipal worker.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim was busy connecting electricity illegally for locals when he was electrocuted to death.

“The victim had all the tools with him to operate from the transformer, but they could not explain how he was shocked to death.”

Another resident said the whole area had lots of illegal connections and the residents would continue connecting illegally because they didn’t know how long they would wait for the municipality to connect them.

The residents further said they knew that illegal electricity connections were wrong, but they had no alternative, especially during winter.

Police spokesperson Captain Michael Mbewe said an inquest docket had been opened by the police.

He further said the police were busy with the investigation but confirmed the man had died on the scene.

Tshwane metro has yet to comment.


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