How To Travel Light

how to travel light

The thought about how to park your things and prepare for the journey could wanna make you change your mind towards traveling at all

but travelling light means you got all you needed packed but its really convinent and handy

It makes moving from one place to the next simple in addition to your gear never turns into a weight to convey. When you travel light you can deal with the extra things you purchase from your travel goal.

Like I said early on since it is almost imperative for me to ravel light I researched into how to travel light and it’s been helpful. So, I am going to share what I do with you.


Always prepare a list of all you will need for your trip. Do this two weeks to the date of travel. This lets you know exactly what is needed. It also gives you time to think through what really do not need. So I normally put everything I think I will need for the trip and then start taking some out as the date nears.


Restrain yourself to one shirt, one pants, shorts or skirt every day. Select nonpartisan hues say dark, brown or dim blue which will enable you to coordinate every one of your tops. Add one cardigan to battle cold weather.

how to travel light


If where you are going allows you to wash your clothes do so, so that you can wear the same clothes multiple times.


Consider the type of shoes your vacation requires. Take shoes that are light in weight.

Light weight shoes



Make utilization of the space on your shoes by pressing a few things in them. Your shoes can hold things like your clothing, socks and some of your shorts r skirts and even some of your toiletries




Buy travel size toiletries such as a small size of toothpaste, soap tissue paper etc.

When you apply these the weight of your luggage is the last thing you will think about when travelling.



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