How To Reset Your Body For 2020

If you didn’t achieve your health and fitness goals last year, 2020 is ready and waiting for you.

The Christmas cakes, sweets and treats are behind us now and the new year has begun. Did you achieve that summer body you had wanted this year? The one you said you would work towards at the beginning of the year? If not, I reckon it’s time we think differently. It’s time to reset. How about simply setting goals to make healthy eating and regular exercise a lifestyle? Something you don’t have to think about more often. Something that doesn’t feel like a chore. How do I do that? Well, let’s start with healthy eating.

Start by assessing your daily eating habits by writing a food journal for three to seven straight days. Write down every single thing that passes your teeth and ends up down your throat, even that glass of water or that chewing gum that distracts you.

Make sure you include weekdays and weekends, because most of our weekday and weekend eating habits differ.

Once you’ve collected at least three days’ worth of data, sit down and assess each and every item on your list. Next to each one, put a tick or a cross. A tick is for items that you think are healthy and a cross is for the not so healthy items.

Once this exercise is complete, assess the number of ticks and crosses and they will give you an indication of changes that need to be done in your own daily diet. Let’s move on to exercise.

I often come across people who say they simply don’t enjoy exercise at all. My response to them is “exercise is what you make it”. Movement is that one thing that we all generally do as well and able people.

Whether it’s simply walking from point A to B, or dancing, running, cycling or swimming, there’s definitely something out there for everyone.

The mistake that many of us make is that we tend to fall into our friends’ exercise plans and further down the line we realise that we don’t really enjoy their chosen activity. Sit on your own and think about what it is that you enjoy.

I recently decided to try out adult ballet lessons. My daughter loves ballet and I thought I’d do something that she enjoys.

I certainly did enjoy the few classes I attended and had fun but, in the end, it didn’t fit into my schedule because class times were limited to Thursdays at 6.30pm and I’m not always available at that time. So I dropped it.

But I am back to the gym and road running five to six times a week, purely because I can do that any time, with no time restrictions. With that said, think about one or two activities that you enjoy and find a group, or even just one person, to do it with.

Exercising with someone or a group is great because it helps to keep you accountable and perhaps regular.

If you didn’t achieve what you had wanted to, health and fitness wise, in 2019, 2020 is ready and waiting for you. Just change gears and make steps towards making health and fitness a lifestyle. I wish you all the very best.


Written by How South Africa

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