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How to Rescue Your Business Limelight


When you speak, do people simply hear you, or do they actually listen to you? You might say your children do the latter (hopefully), but what about in business? Are your colleagues taking note of what you say?

Every working professional knows – at some stage you are going to have to give a business presentation. Whether it’s selling a product or idea, training up staff, or motivating an audience to get behind you, your day in the limelight will come.

But, as you’ll soon find out, giving a good presentation doesn’t simply involve telling a story and showing a slide. There’s a lot more to it than that.

Think about the speakers at a TED Talk. They take the stage with confidence, sporting a big smile on their face. They’re calm and composed. They hold no notes or scribbles, and they don’t lose their words.

They move and excite their audience, drawing them in from their seats and inviting them to consider new perspectives and ideas. They speak with authority, and never miss a beat. Their sentences flow like warm honey, and all their key points arrive at their destinations with clinical precision.

But how?

You would think these speakers are naturals that possess a “magic touch”. But that’s far from the truth.

In reality, most of these ambitious individuals have taken time out of their busy schedules and dedicated themselves to learning the art of a powerful presentation.

They know how much of an impact this skill set can have on their career. And they know how much it can improve their overall confidence levels.

The real magic is that anyone can get to this level.

Anyone can learn the art of timing – of emphasising certain words at exactly the right time, or leaving breathing spaces between key points. Anyone can learn that a good story isn’t one that’s borrowed, but one that you’ve experienced yourself. Anyone can learn that you’re there as much to inform as you’re there to entertain. And anyone can learn how to make their presentation compelling and memorable.

They just need to work at it.

So, if you want people to listen to you rather than hear you, and are interested advancing your career (despite your busy schedule), have a look at GetSmarter’s course in business presentations. It’s online and part-time, which means you can bend it around your busy schedule.

The cherry on the cake? The course is certified by the University of Cape Town.

Here, you’ll get all the training you need to give that masterful presentation with TED-esque power, and learn how to take back the limelight.

To learn more about the UCT Business Presentations online short course, visit our website and download the course information pack.

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