How to Prevent Breast Cancer

Armpit Detox is a great resource for your body, it reduces the risk of breast cancer. Clinical studies have shown that high number of females have cancer in upper quadrant of their breast. This is the area where most women apply cosmetic products. Breast tissue is a place having most toxins stored. In our daily life we use cosmetic products having rich in aluminum chlorohyderate, triclosan, parabens, glycol, TEA, FD&c, DEA, and various other chemicals. These chemicals put our healthy at risk and increase the risk of cancer. On initial state, most cancer are hormone-dependent, and slowly progress with the increase in estrogen levels, it grow into lethal disease like cancer.

How to prevent breast cancer by using Armpit Detox


  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 Tablespoon
  • Rosemary Essential oil – 3 Drops
  • Cilantro essential oil – 5 drops


  • Mix ACV with clay in a bowl or glass. Add essential oils in it and it should look like sour scream.
  • Spread layer of this on armpit and leave there for few minutes
  • Rinse it and repeat the process until this natural deodorant stops irritating.

During the detox process, drink plenty of water to flush away any toxins stored inside your body.

Source – heathyfood


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