How To Increase The Volume Of Your Eyelashes

Some people are naturally born with thinner eyelashes, while some get theirs stripped by fake lashes but the good news is, you can add volume back to your lashes. 

With a little care, you can get your lashes back to being fluffy again.

As you age, your lashes like other parts of your body, get weaker and fall so a little help might do. 

Also not removing your makeup can contribute to thinning eyebrows. 

These tricks will help you make you lashes have fuller volume than usual. 

1. Coat lashes with baby powder before applying your mascara and then add mascara on top for a fuller volume.

2. Apply one or two coats of mascara to bulk-up your natural lashes and give them greater definition. Avoid clumpy looking lashes by minimising the amount of product on the wand each coat.

3. Coating your lashes with a lash primer before applying mascara will give them an additional boost of thickness. It will also help your mascara stay on for longer.

4. Boost the growth with Lash serums. It work like fertiliser, they deliver nourishment and stimulation for optimal hair growth. There are over the counter lash conditioners available or you could try applying a little olive oil or castor oil to your lashes at night as a conditioning treat. Massage it in to your brows too if they’re also in need of help.


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