How South Africans Use Cell Phones… Smartphone Usage (Info graphic)

Our talented designer, Grant Barnard, has created this incredible info graphic together with our content manager, Elizabeth Joss. The purpose of the infographic is to inform South Africans about the use of cell phones within the country. We researched the following areas regarding smartphone usage: telecommunications, general internet users, internet access, social network users, mobile operators, how people use smartphones as well as the advantages of mobile marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • With 29 million units in South Africa, cell phones are by far the most popular telecommunication devices
  • There were 8.5 million internet users in South Africa at the end of 2014, a number which is projected to grow to 25 million by 2020
  • E-commerce is growing at a rate of 30% per year, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon
  • 2.48 million South Africans accessed the internet via cell phones only. By contrast, 6.2 million used computers, laptops or tablets – of which 90% used their cell phones simultaneously
  • With over 10 000 000 registered users, MXit is South Africa’s most popular social network and surprisingly, it is leagues ahead of Facebook, BBM and Twitter
  • Vodacom leads the market with a 41% share while MTN trails at 40%
  • 95% of subscribers have remained with their network for around 4.2 years
  • The majority (82%) of mobile subscribers opted for prepaid packages while only 18% signed contracts
  • 70% of mobile subscribers do not own a landline
  • SMS is used 4.2 times more than email and 69% of consumers choose SMSing over calling
  • Most mobile internet users use their smartphones to browse the internet, to send or receive emails and to access a social network
  • The Samsung E250 is South Africa’s favourite cell phone, probably due to its value for money

In essence, businesses can expect cell phones to greatly influence the manner in which consumers conduct product research, interact with brands and ultimately, buy products. As such, it’s essential that companies both big and small focus on formulating new and innovative ways to implement their mobile marketing strategies.

Source: xcellentmedia


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