How Modelling Can Affect Kids

Following in her mother Kathleen Luckay’s footsteps, the 26-year-old is a bodybuilder on her off days from her community service at Sebokeng Hospital in the Vaal.

The second eldest of four daughters, Dickinson said her mother, who always followed a rigorous fitness regime, instilled a healthy body image in her children.

”I basically grew up in the gym with my older sister. My mom competed from the time I was very young.

”She was an influence in fitness and health and we were pretty much brought up with a healthy lifestyle,” said Dickinson.

Her younger sister is a former national gymnast and Dickinson said her mother had encouraged them to study ballet from the age of four.

”She always encouraged us to be fit and healthy and it was never a case of she didn’t want us to be fat. There’s never any criticism of what your body looked like but she always subtly hinted towards being more fit rather than sitting back and being laid-back and lazy. She’s always had a positive influence,” said Dickinson.

She said she trained twice a day up to six days a week and sometimes trains with her mom on weekends.


Source – timeslive


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