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Hour Glass Figure- Get That Big Bum And Perfectly Shaped Hips With These Simple Tricks In One Week

Hour glass Shaped Lady

The hourglass figure is something most ladies dream of and would do anything to get. Curvaceous figure with bigger hips is a strong symbol of feminine beauty and a preference of most men.

bigger hips


Women all around the world are trying different methods and techniques to get a sexier look by getting wider and bigger hips. Some even going to the extent of going through hip enlargement surgeries.

For this reason experts have recommended natural methods which are quite safer and less expensive.


One major factor to consider when you are about to undergo a routine for hip enlargement is your weight.

If you are fat and overweight at the moment then the curvy shape you are looking for is hidden just beneath all that layer of fat and you will have to literally chisel out the shape you desire by loosing fat in undesired areas especially around your waistline and getting a flat stomach while trying as much as possible to avoid or minimize any fat loss around your hip area.


For a slim lady, getting to add some meat to your bones might pose a major challenge.

So before we go ahead to the hip enlarging exercises let’s quickly go over some dieting basics you need to know in other to achieve desired success in this case a perfect curvy shape and naturally bigger hips

Diet to Get Bigger Hips Fast

While trying to increase your hip size by increasing your general body fat level you might want to keep the  fat completely off your waistline. All you want is bigger hips not a fat obese behind so watch it. this would mean first of all that all junk food is off the menu and you need to closely keep track of your eating habits.

Eat Healthy Fats to Get Bigger Hips

For a nice curvaceous looking hips, all the fats you will be taking in has to be healthy which means all animal fats are off the list. Coconut butter which helps in reducing waist size should be taken in place of regular butter.

Fats which can help in getting your desired fat level while keeping your waist and hips perfectly intact include coconut butter, olive oil, avocados, fish oil and nuts.

Carbs for Wider Hips

Allow burning carbohydrates helps keep insulin level at optimum for longer increasing gains around the hip region. Eating carbs alongside healthy diet will show fast results. By eating carbs your body will start to store more fat and hopefully a little more muscle.

Example of slow digesting carbohydrates include oats, wholewheat, grains, fruits, beans and sweet potatoes .e.t.c.

Eat Proteins to Get Bigger Hips

Protein is the primary building block of the muscles and if your aim is getting bigger hips taking in adequate amount of protein is a good idea. Eggs also are a great source of protein.

Some plant based proteins like soy are also advisable to be consumed at this time especially for women since they supply phytoestrogens that boost estrogen level which help trigger targeted fat storage and enhance your curves.

Best proteins for growing bigger hips include fish, soy, eggs, milk, diary products, chicken and nuts.

Eat Green vegetables for Wider Hips

Green leafy vegetables are primary sources of vitamins and minerals to the body which are not only vital but offer q high dose of dietary fibers which maintains the digestive health and promotes better absorption of nutrients.

Exercises for Bigger Hips

As mentioned earlier exercises alone might not do the trick when it comes to hip enlargement. For skinny women especially without any excess fat to push around to that particular part of the body you want then to be your exercises would just be like boring torture.

Also exercises doesn’t definitely interpret into wild strenuous routines or long boring days at the gym.

Squats for Wider Hips

You can try different types of squats like

The dumbbell squats

This involves standing with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width while holding the dumbbells down at your sides.

With your palms facing in. Then lower yourself down by bending your knees and stop when your thighs are parallel to the floor. Rise back to the standing position. Keep you abs tight throughout to stabilize your spine.

Split leg squats

To do this type of squats you need to stand in front of a height bench.

Hold a padded body or bar or barbell across the top of your back then lift your tight leg behind your body while placing the top of your right foot flat on the bench.

Stop when your thighs are parallel to the floor and rise back up. Repeat for a set of reps and switch sides.

Side Lying Hip Abduction Exercise for Bigger Hips

To perform this exercise, start by lying on your side on a mat or on the floor with your legs stretched out straight away from your body.

Gently now raise the upper leg off tour lower leg while keeping your knees straight and feet in a neutral position. Continue holding this position until your hips begin to tilt and waist collapses into the other leg on the floor or when you begin to feel tension develop in your lower back.

Do not raise your legs too high (beyond 45 degrees) as any movement beyond that point would involve movement of the entire hip.

Standing Side Abduction Exercise for Wider Hips

This is same as the side lying hip abduction except that it is done from a standing position. Simply hold on to a wall and grab a dumbbell. Allow the dumbbell to relax against your outer thighs and raise that leg. Make sure you keep your back straight and and upright while you are at it. This can also be done using resistance band.

Donkey Kicks Exercise For Bigger Hips

For wider hips another sure exercise that would definitely yield result is the donkey kick. To do this exercise, get down on all for a fours with knees together. Lift your leg back until your thighs come parallel to the ground.


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