Horrible: Car Rolls Over Man At Engen In Western Cape Town (VIDEO)

A Toyota Tazz parked at an Engen in Plattekloof Village in the Western Cape was caught on CCTV footage running over a man, suspected to be the driver of the car.

In the horrifying clip, the car can be seen rolling forward while the man stands at the front of the car with the bonnet open.

Moments later, he begins stumbling backwards as the car pushes him. He closes the bonnet but loses his footing, and lands under the car. The car can clearly be seen slowly rolling over the man until a nearby petrol attendant rushes to the car to pull the handbrake up.

Nearby garage patrons and petrol attendants run to the scene as the passenger, who was in the car throughout the ordeal, emerges from the vehicle, visibly shocked.

As soon as people realise the man is still trapped under the car, they work together to lift the car up, while the man is dragged from under the car to safety.

The man is hit in the face with the corner of the car door as he lies cowering on the floor.

It is not known how extensive the man’s injuries are, or if he is the driver of the car.

Updates will follow as more information is made available.


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