Holiday Hacks: Tips To Help You Save Some Coins At Hotels

Have you ever found yourself feeling like a hostage in a hostel? Well, with these nifty tricks and tips, your hotel horrors shall, hopefully, be no more.

From repurposing hotel appliances and items to saving some serious cash – you’ll be eating kettle boiled eggs and wearing bath-washed clothes in no time!

Here are 7 tips to make the most out of your holiday stay:

Put your kettle to the mettle

If you never manage to score accommodation that come with a full kitchen and want to save a buck on overpriced breakfast options – there’s no need to fret when you’ve got a kettle in your room.

Hit up a nearby corner or grocery store and get some basics. Boil your eggs or cook your pasta and rice in the kettle and feed yourself at a fraction of the cost while simultaneously feeling like the Survivor 2018 champion that Bear Grylls would envy.

Keep your kids from getting board with this nifty trick:

Kids are inquisitive and easily bored. It’s tough to keep them occupied when cooped up in the hotel room in-between site seeing trips. Kids also come with an array of their own extra, table-engulfing items – like toys, gadgets and colouring books.

To save some actual table space and occupy the kids with a table suited to their halfling heights – grab out the in-room ironing board. Simply lower it to their height to make an entertaining, kid-friendly work area.

The steam team:

If you didn’t score an in-room iron and ironing board, but want to avoid creases in your clothing or bank account – use the hot shower steam instead.

After a long, hot and non-Capetonian shower, hang up a shirt or dress and watch the creases disappear before you eyes!

Bathtub washtub:

Avoid intense hotel laundry bills by washing your clothes in the bath using a small bottle of pre-packed travel detergent (or purchase some on that quick and cheap little grocery run) and then hang them out to dry on the towel radiators or near the window.

Lather up the mirror to see clearer:

You know that post-shower frustration so many face when you can’t see a foggin’ thing in the bathroom mirror? Well, get rid of that post-shower mirror mist-ery by following this neat trick. Lather up your mirror (a portion or the entire thing – that’s up to your visual preference) beforehand with a bar of soap and buff it out using a dry towel.

This method will keep the mist from condensing on the mirror and one soaping will last a few days.

Don’t veer away from a potential souvenir:

There are yays and nays for what you can safely sneak out of a hotel. Complimentary shampoos, soaps, tea bags, coffee pods and stationery are some of the yays. The grand piano or the furniture itself would fall under the nay category. Take a note out of Friends’ Ross Geller’s hotel stealing book and look out for the loopholes.

Don’t be afraid to ask for amenities either, as Jacob Tomsky, author of the best-selling book Heads in Beds, a memoir of 10 years spent in the hotel industry, explains:

“Hotels have plenty of items, all cute and travel-sized, waiting in store rooms and all you have to do is pick up the phone and ask. And checking out from the hotel isn’t like going through airport security. No respectable hotelier is going to want to pry open your luggage and search for shampoo.”

He elaborates that hotels won’t really be bothered with the brunt of losing a shoehorn with the rates they charge guests per night regularly – including tax.

What are you waiting for? Get cracking and hacking away at your usual hotel horrors and lessen the financial stress one trick at a time!


Written by GR

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