High Walls Won’t Save The People Of Sandton From Alex Rebellion – Malema

Julius Malema
Julius Malema

Julius Malema EFF leader  has warned of a possible revolt from the people of Alexandra, planned at their fellow city residents in nearby Sandton and its environs, if the state of the township does not change.

Malema was speaking in Alexandra at the Economic Freedom Fighters’ Workers’ Day rally on Wednesday.

He told the more than 2 000 supporters that even he would not be safe from the wrath of the Alexandra community because he was part of the black elite.

Malema, who also lives in an affluent northern Johannesburg suburb close to Sandton, said white people needed to share the wealth of the country.

“How do white people sleep in Sandton when they see their neighbours like this? What type of love do you practice, because if it’s the love of the Bible, the Bible says love your neighbour. What have you done for your neighbour here in Alexandra?”

He said government was not solely to blame for the problems faced by the community of Alexandra, adding that the community of Sandton shared the blame.

Residents in one of Johannesburg’s richest suburbs were staying in houses with high walls because they were scared of poor black people next door, Malema said.

“They know that they are eating alone. When you know that you are eating alone, your subconsciousness tells you that there is something wrong with what I’m doing. Let me build that high wall.

“Let’s warn you Sandton, high walls or not, the day will come when Alexandra says enough is enough. Let us go and share food with the people of Sandton… That day, when you take that decision, even me, I won’t be safe because you are going to find me with them there in Sandton.”

Malema said that he predicts that when the people revolt, they will call him and the black elite “sellouts”.

“That day is coming, however, that day can be avoided. Let us start now to share that which we have …”

Malema then said illegal electricity connections showed leadership, saying under an EFF government, no one would be jailed and punished for illegal connections.

He said that, instead of punishing those found with illegal connections in their homes, his party – out of embarrassment – would rather connect safer and reliable connection power.

“There is no such thing as illegal connections. People are showing you, government, that you can put cables and connect houses. There are no illegal connections. That is leadership. You are providing leadership where there is no leadership. EFF government will never call you izinyoka (snakes or electricity thiefs) for providing leadership.”

Malema then praised Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba, whom he called an “EFF mayor”, for absorbing over 900 security guards as permanent workers.

We are going to look after our workers. When you work for the municipality or any of the entities of the Johannesburg municipality, don’t worry, the EFF doesn’t even have to win the elections on May 8, we are already the municipality.”

He then promised to jail former president Jacob Zuma and his successor Cyril Ramaphosa.




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