Heritage Day: “Every Language Spoken In This Country Has Equal Value” – Ramaphosa

The President stated in his Heritage Day keynote address, that during colonialism and apartheid, African languages were degraded and the languages of the Khoi and San people were marginalised, he echoed that every single language spoken in this country has equal value and equal worth.

Ramaphosa promises to promote and preserve African languages

“This was part of a deliberate attempt to alienate our communities from their history, culture and traditions. This government is doing everything within its means to promote and preserve all our languages, but most especially the languages of the people of the Northern Cape that are dying out such as N|uu, Nama, !Xun and Khwe.”

 The President , Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa declared that the government is working to restore the collective pride of South Africans, and noted that the Northern Cape is home to the only radio station in the world that has broadcasts in indigenous languages of the San community, and also announced that the Nama language is being taught in primary schools across the Northern Cape.

“X-K FM is so successful, I am told, that broadcasters from Namibia recently visited to get training on how to start an online radio station for their own indigenous communities back home.”

 The President , Cyril Ramaphosa

Five students will be trained as Nama educators at the University of Namibia

The President congratulates the five students from Northern Cape who will be trained as Nama educators at the University of Namibia, and pledges the rest of South Africa will be on board with promoting African languages.

“Around the country, there are efforts underway to promote indigenous languages and multilingualism through the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities and the Pan South African Language Board.”

 The President , Cyril Ramaphosa

Heritage Month: Students who want to major in African languages will receive bursaries soon

The government is working to make sure that African languages are in every school, and also working with higher learning institutions to offer bursaries to students who want to major in African languages.

“We are actively working to make sure African languages are offered in all of our schools. Over the last few years, we have reduced the number of public schools that do not teach an African language from 2,500 schools to just over 460. By the end of next year, we are aiming to ensure that all of South Africa’s 23,000 public schools offer an African language.”

The President , Cyril Ramaphosa

Heritage Month: Public libraries have received half a million books in indigenous languages

As part of Heritage Month, the government is promoting a greater culture of reading and appreciation of literary texts in indigenous languages; as more than half a million copies of classical texts in indigenous languages have been distributed to various public libraries

“Our Parliament has also been asked to elevate Sign Language to the status of an official language. This morning I saw first-hand the eagerness of the learners who read to me in N|uu and Nama at the new community library. As part of Heritage Month, we are promoting a greater culture of reading and appreciation of literary texts in indigenous languages.”

 The President , Cyril Ramaphosa

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