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Marking the Heritage Day, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) bemoaned the demonization of African customs and, highlighted things that ought to be done to turn things around in the South African case. According to Julius Malema’s party, the African heritage in South Africa is still suffering colonial marginalization 23 years after democracy. “It is a fact that European colonial conquest designed and perfected the demonization of African customs, idioms, religions and cultures whilst elevating European ways of being in the world,” stated the party.

The Fighters stressed that colonization made African past look like what one should be ashamed of. “Our people do not have a healthy relationship with their customs, whether they deem these relevant or not to their everyday life.

To be modern continues to be considered as being more European than any other culture,” wailed the party. With that, EFF acknowledged the Heritage Day as a chance to reflect on the demonization of African customs and, proffer ways in which Africans can embrace their true identity in all they do. As such, the party highlighted the following as things that must be done to deal with the demonization of African customs in South Africa.

To the Fighters, the highlights will go a long way in helping Africans embrace their identity in music, dance, film, art, education, business and spirituality.

1. The decolonization of the curriculum in South African universities EFF reiterated its calls for the decolonization of the curriculum in universities across the country; asking that scholarship funding be created on studies that promote the usage of indigenous languages and histories. “In Africa, knowledge production ought to be about Africans, for Africans and by Africans as much as possible without denying a universal signature,” asserted the party.

2. Die Stem must fall from the national anthem The party proclaimed that Die Stem is an apartheid anti-black war song that belongs in the dustbin of history. “(Die Stem) does not belong in the proud melodies of a multiracial democratic South African. Our national anthem must be Nkosi Sikelela as sung during the liberation struggle; it is complete and enough without the European languages. “In the name of Heritage Day, we call on Diem Stem to fall from our national anthem,” agitated the Fighters.

3. All apartheid and colonial symbols must fall Don’t ask me how this will stop the demonization of African customs, EFF thinks it’s necessary. “We further call on all apartheid and colonial symbols to fall from our proud public spaces. They too belong in the dustbin of history,” said the party.  AfriForum Apart from the foregoing, the party emphasized that the talks about heritage are useless without land and the ownership of the minerals beneath the soil. “A landless people ought to use their heritage to marshal their collective strength to fight for a place to call home.

We call on the return of the land to its rightful owners, the African people through the principle of expropriation of land without compensation for equal redistribution,” added the Fighters. Above all, EFF urged Africans to be proud Africans and quit striving to imitate the West. “Let us be proud of our heritage, and critically remember our past as we use it to make an even better future,” the party advised.


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