Here’s What Mampintsha Said On Assault Allegations Against Him

Record label boss Mampintsha has denied ambushing his ex-life partner and queen Babes Wodumo.

Addressing Masechaba Ndlovu and Mo Flava on Metro FM meet on Monday, Mampintsha approached the general population for prayers for him and Babes, demanding there was a “third hand” attempting to his relationship with Babes.

He was responding to allegations made during the show’s interview with Babes that he had physically abused her.

On Friday, after Masechaba confronted her, Babes admitted that she’d allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of Mampintsha, who was her manager and lover at the same time.

Here’s what he said.

Relationship status:

Mampintsha denied that Babes had broken up with him saying they are okay.

“I love Babes with all my heart and that’s why I’m not afraid to say. Even people know. I am not aware that we are not together anymore. We love each other very much and that is why I even asked her to marry me because I wanted to take our love to another level.

“Maybe she is yet to see me and tell me that she’s decided to break up with me and [said] it on the radio first before calling me. She is not used to speaking on the radio,” he said during the interview.

He said, as far as he knew, they were still together and didn’t see anything that could separate them as he’d done nothing wrong.

During her interview, Babes said the pair was no longer together although they still worked together on business.

Access to social media:

Mampinstha admitted to posting a picture of the couple in happier times — the picture that sparked the pregnancy and marriage rumours last week, but said it was not out of the ordinary.

“Babes and I post on each other’s social media pages. Yes, I posted that photo, but when you look at my pictures you can see she also posts on my page as well … people know that from when we started doing the work that we do in music, I always introduced us as a couple.

“We have been posting on each other’s profiles for a long time it’s not a new thing. Perhaps this is different because there’s a ring involved. Maybe since the engagement, I have gathered too many enemies,” he said.

Babes had said Mampintsha posted the picture to give fans the impression that they were still together and happy, although they’d broken up.

Did he or did he not abuse Babes?

When asked if he’d assaulted her, Mampinstha said only he and Babes knew the nature of their love.

“There are people who want to control Babes and she doesn’t realise that. She supports other people’s things but they don’t support her in return. Babes should be able to get engaged and have lobola paid for her and be alright but people don’t support her.

“They are after my name and they want to trash it so that when I’m not there, they can dance over her head. I don’t have a problem, I love Babes and I will not stop loving her and I will look out for her but in the right manner.

“I want the haters to know that after this blows over, I know they will want to come back with another strategy to attack me,” he said.

When last did he see Babes?

When asked about the last time he saw Babes, Mampinsthsa pleaded for prayers saying it was now time for prayer.

“I ask that people pray for us at this time. All I can say is just to ask for people to pray for us. This is a difficult time for us. All these things are corrupting us and paint me as a bad person. They are also corrupting Babes and I am protective of her,” he said in the interview.

The interview sparked mixed reactions from people.

Taking to Twitter, many felt he didn’t realise the seriousness of allegations levelled against him.

Some also accused him of being delusional.

Others called for a boycott.


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