Here’s Why You Should Stop Being Sad About Your Breakup

Truth be told, losing any romantic relationship will definitely hurt to a certain degree.

This will be the case especially if there was an investment of a lot of emotional resources into the relationship, only for it to turn that the relationship would not work out afterall.

Just after the loss you’d be hit by a sadness so deep, even though you know it was perhaps the best move to split from them.

You might still find yourself pained, and  wondering why things ended, even though, obviously, things wouldn’t have worked out no matter what you did or how much time you gave them.

Unhappy single lady
It’s time to get out of that dark place of sadness. (Shutterstock)

Here are reasons why you should not be sad for so long though, because looking at it closely, they really did not deserve you anymore, and you should stop weeping over them.

So, if the 17 things listed below describes that your relationship, you really need to dry your tears and instead feel joyous that that chapter of your life is over.

1. You were always scared they would dump you.

2. You usually had to fight for their affection.

3. There were never small fights, only grand quarrels [and there were just too many of them].

4. They never really supported your goals or dreams.

5. Your family and friends always thought that you both were better off apart.

You can’t be hung-over for life over someone who no longer deserved you. (Freepik)

6. The relationship was draining you too much [Financially, emotionally].

7. Your day one friends left you because of the relationship.

8. They significantly changed negatively along the line.

9. You never felt at ease around their family, they didn’t around yours.

10. You felt like you had to hide a part of the real you just so they could approve.

11. Jealousy was a major force between the two of you.

Live, laugh… that phase is over! (Annazalyn)

12. They made you feel terrible or stupid for the things you enjoyed or had interest in.

13. You could no longer trust what they were doing when you were not with them.

14. They verbally threatened to breakup with you [many times].

15. You depended more on others for emotional support than you did them.

16. There were more bad moments than good.

17. Now that the relationship is over, you wish you never entered into it at all.

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