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Here’s How South Africans Sell Their Vehicles


It shouldn’t come as much surprise given the current global and local economic strain that NAAMSA’s September 2016 results indicated that overall new-car sales are continuing to decline (617 000 new vehicles were sold in 2015 compared to 714 000 in 2005) while used-vehicle sales continue to climb. In current prices, used vehicle sales showed the biggest increase at 20.3%, while new vehicle sales grew at 11.5%.

“These influences combined mean that the prestige of owning an expensive car is slowly being replaced by a more utilitarian attitude towards cars. The auto-trade market as we know it today will look fundamentally different in the next five to ten years, in our view. The demand for second-hand cars is, therefore, on the rise,” Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro, the joint MD of CarZar, the car sales website, commented to IT-Online.

For the car seller, the decisions and process of deciding to sell ‘’your baby’’ can be an emotional one as well as financial. Whether you’re selling to upgrade to a family car with your first child on the way, or letting go of your wheels moving to be closer to public transport, your trusty old car has taken you from point A-B and we know you want the best deal for it. How you choose to sell your car and to whom, is not only a financial decision but also an emotional one.

Do you feel comfortable selling your vehicle online or do you prefer face-to-face dealings? Would you ask for advice from friends and family before selling? Is safety a concern in the process of selling your car? With so many options and technologies available to aid in selling your car what makes you choose one option over another?

Tell us how you want to sell a car South Africa!

Take our quick 15 question survey below and tell us your choices, fears, questions and preferences as to how you part with your wheels and help us to discover the trends and questions facing South African car owners.


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