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Here’s Kromdraai, South Africa’s Wonder Cave

The Wonder Cave (sometimes additionally referred to as “Bat Cave”) is a characteristic wonder indeed. It is situated in the widely acclaimed Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, settled among paleontological locales containing some of most established relics of humankind.

The Wonder Cave is the third biggest chamber in South Africa, and for the most part accepted to have framed 5-to 10-million years. The single chamber has a region of 46 000 meters, 125 meters in length and 154 meters wide


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The Wonder Cave was initially found in the late nineteenth century by Italian limestone mine workers, who exhumed the limestone for the making of bond. At some point during the Second Boer War, the mine workers left, and stayed away forever. The Wonder Cave was not found again for a long time, and just open to people in general since 1991.

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The Wonder Cave has about 14 stalactite and stalagmite formations, with some of the formations reaching as high as 15 meters. 85% of the formations in the cave is still growing.

The Wonder Cave is part of the Cradle of Humankind, a world heritage site, located in the Lion and Rhino Nature Reserve.


The wonder cave is dimly lit with a wonderful cool atmosphere. The average temperature is 18 degrees. A flight of stairs takes you past the most beautiful formations. Keep an eye out for the Praying Mary, The Kitchen, and the Mushroom/Ice Cream.

You need to climb almost 106 stairs to get out of the cave again, once you’re in.


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