Here’s Is What You Should Know About The New New Surgery Shortens Forehead To Combat Baldness

Suffering from hair loss? There are two new treatments coming to SA.

Losing one’s hair is a traumatic experience for many. While male pattern baldness is perfectly natural, it’s a sometimes undesirable, phenomenon that occurs in roughly 70% of men, female baldness does also occur. A lot of this is due to hairstyling, particularly braiding.

Normal hair loss is unavoidable, and is caused by any or a combination of the following: stress, trauma, genetic predisposition and various lifestyle choices. Alopecia is a type of hair loss that occurs the immune system attacks our hair follicles. According to Web MD, it is most common in people younger than 20 and is equally common in men and women.

According to a recent study issued by the Medical Hair Restoration Centre, nearly half of the black women interviewed suffered from hair loss, either from chemically or mechanically abused hair.

How can you minimise hair loss in women?

According to Cape Town-based medical hair loss specialists, Dr Larry Gershowitz and Dr Ryan Jankelowitz, things like not smoking and eating a balanced and nutritious diet are some of the ways to minimise hair loss. Gershowitz stresses that women should avoid too tight hairstyles and harsh treatments.

There are chemical treatments that claim to reduce hair loss, but the doctors have taken it a step further and pioneered Forehead Reduction Surgery.

Forehead Reduction Surgery(FRS) is a hairline lowering procedure or “scalp advancement”. According to the research done by the doctors, regular braiding or pulling weakens the hairs in front of our head and overtime our front hairs get pulled and thinned out. The FRS is a permanent procedure that takes up to 2 hours. They claim that it’s a painless procedure and that the results are instant.

We aren’t sure how this would work or how it could possibly be painless.


Source: Women24


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