Here’s How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Negative Energy
Negative Energy

Negative energy is swirling all around you. Unfortunately, you can’t see it. But once you let it envelope you, you can definitely feel it. And its effects can be very damaging.

Negative energy is stronger than many people credit it for. Like an illness, it can get inside you and bring you down so much that it affects the quality of your life. Your friendships and relationships begin to suffer. Your productivity goes down. Your health isn’t the same.

Negative energy, then, is something to be avoided. But the problem is that, once it’s inside us, it’s very hard to let it go.

If you’re worried that your life is being wasted thanks to too much negative energy, here are 10 tips on how to get rid of it and get your life back on track.

Change Your Company

The company we keep often defines us. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

Take a look around you. What are your friends and family like? What are their defining traits? If they’re pessimistic in terms of their outlook, there is a good chance that their influence has been rubbing off on your way too much.

It’s hard to leave our friends behind. But if your friends are contributing to your sad state of mind, it’s important that you talk to them about this. Do they discourage you more than encourage you? Do they pour cold water on your dreams rather than help you to grow them? If so, you might want to find more positive people to spend your time with.

Change Your Approach To Karma, Too

Despite what the naysayers might say to you, karma is a very real thing. If you respond to negative energy from others with more negative energy, you’re trapping yourself in a very depressing vortex. It’s a viscous cycle. The only way to leave is to respond to everything with a smile and an act of kindness and compassion.

Brush things off. Don’t take things personally. Fight peoples’ negativity with positivity.

Get Back To Doing What You Love To Do

Another one of good tips on how to get rid of negative energy is to start doing what you love to do. When we’re feeling negative, it’s usually during a period of deep stagnation in our life. We’ve forgotten what it was we loved about life. We’ve stopped doing what excites us.

Think back to what used to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning. Do what used to make you grin from ear to ear. Be a kid again if you have to.

Stop Being The Victim

After a few bad episodes in life, such as a breakup or a few failed job interviews, it’s very easy to assume the role of the victim and adopt a “Why always me” attitude.

Stop. Once you start playing the victim, you get used to other peoples’ pity. It starts to feel weirdly nice to be the centre of attention for once.

Stop. “Man up”. Take responsibility for your situation. If you’ve failed a few times, learn why you’ve failed and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Victim’s ultimately get no where in life.

Be Grateful

Being grateful is one of the most important tips on how to get rid of negative energy. A common reason why people become negative is that they focus too much on what they don’t have as opposed to what they do have.

Perhaps you’re the same. Perhaps you’re too fixated on how much fun your friends are having? Perhaps you’re envious of their life, their partners, their houses and so on?

In such cases, resentment sets in. Negative energy begins to suffocate us.

Change your outlook. Forget about what you don’t have and focus on the great stuff you do have. Be grateful for the small miracles, such as your health. Be thankful for the roof over your head. You have a lot more than many others.

Start Your Day Well

How you start your day determines how the rest of it will go. So get it off to a positive beginning!

Kick start your morning with your favourite music. Dance while you cook a hearty, nutritious breakfast. Read positive quotes. Avoid social media.


Laughter has always been the best medicine and it’s one of the best tips on how to get rid of negative energy. Even the ancient Greeks knew this. No matter how serious life gets, it’s important that you find the time to laugh.

When we look at our own lives through our own eyes, we might feel overly negative about things. But picture your life as a movie on-screen. Picture the scenarios you find yourself in, and the decisions you make. I can guarantee you would laugh about that hilariously disastrous first date, or that hilariously catastrophic job interview. Your life, when dramatised, is actually kinda funny. It’s a rom-com. It doesn’t have to be as serious as a morose, icy Danish drama.

Don’t take everything so seriously. Laugh at it all. Raise a smile. Watch some comedies to remind you that life is more of a comedy than a tragedy. Pluck the whoopee cushions from among the thistles.

Be Kind To Others

“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will find that you’re already in Heaven now.”

     – Jack Kerouac 

American writer Jack Kerouac wrote some of the most upbeat, life-affirming novels in literature. He was a man who knew how to put a positive spin on everything. And he knew that key to a positive life was kindness.

You might be asking, “Practice kindness? But what’s in it for me?”

This is an incredibly negative thing to ask. When you practice kindness, you are spreading positive energy. You and the other person(s) are together with this positive energy swirling around you. And it’s an amazing feeling.

Read Positive Quotes

One of good tips on how to get rid of negative energy is to pin a few positive, inspiring quotes to your walls and read them each day.

Change Your Mindset

The change starts with you. More to the point, it starts with your mindset.

I’ve spoken to all kinds of negative people, and so many of them say “Yeah, but that’s just not me. I’m not a positive person.”

Stubbornness is your worst enemy right now. By believing that you are “inherently” a negative person, you are refusing to change something VERY simple – your mindset.

No one was born with a positive or negative mindset. Therefore, it’s totally possible to change ours from one to the other. But it all starts with you.

Wake up each morning and tell yourself “I can do this”. Affirm that “I believe in myself.”

Think back to a time when you achieved something that right now seems impossible. If you achieved something once, you can sure as heck achieve it again.



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