Here’s Everything You Need To Know Jo’burg Water Cut

If you live in one of the 34 neighbourhoods affected by the water cut, here is all the information you need to know regarding the outage…

The Jo’burg water cut has left many scrambling to find bottled water in the shops. To many, this has proven fruitless as the shelves lay bare (we were found in this predicament). Panic has caused many rumours to spread and uncertainty as to what is happening.

Johannesburg Water has released a list of places where water tankers can be found and also confirmed that they would be deploying additional tankers. We will list those at the bottom of the post.

The reason for the outage is this:

There was a substantial leak found in the main pipeline about 35 metres deep at the Linbro Park landfill. The repair is taking place as we type. Counsellor Nico de Jager shared that the landfill is very unstable and the repair needs to be done in a way that does not endanger the employees working on the pipeline.

“This is the largest repair job ever done by Jo’burg Water on the main line, and due to the burst being 35 metres deep on a very unstable landfill, we could not risk burying our employees alive during the maintenance process.”

The hope is that all will be well by today but the Bryanston area will take longer to receive water due to the height in relation to pumping capacity.

Below are the places where tanker water is accessible. Be mindful that drinking water should be kept for essential uses like cooking, drinking and personal hygiene.

Water tanks are available at the following points:

  • Morningside Clinic
  • Tara Hospital
  • Alexander: [6th Ave, 13th Ave Alex & Vasc, 14th Ave Alex & Vasco, 14th Ave Alex & Rooth, 12th Ave Alex, 15th Ave Alex & Selborne, 15th Ave Alex & Rooth, 16th Ave Alex & Vasco, 16th Ave & Selborne, 17th Ave & Selborne, 18th Ave & Vasco]
  • Maritz Brothers School
  • Sandton City
  • Benmore Gardens Mall
  • Sandown Old Age Home
  • Sandown High School
  • Troop centre at corner Rivonia and Oxford
  • Bryanston shopping centre
  • Petervale shopping centre
  • Bryanston primary school
  • SPCA in Lonehill

An additional 16 tankers will also be rolled out today. Counsellor Nico de Jager has urged citizens to request areas in need of water tankers via Johannesburg Water.

“Please provide Johannesburg Water with updates on where we have challenges with tankers. We apologise for the inconvenience.”


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