Heat Rash And Ringworm Prevention

Dear Doctor

Is it possible to have a severe reaction to cough syrup?

Yes, definitely, one can develop a severe reaction to any of the chemicals in cough syrup. It is also advisable to find out exactly which chemical you react to so that you are not exposed to it again. When you consult a doctor after that, inform them.

Dear Doctor

What causes heat rash and how do you stop it from reoccurring?

The cause is exposure to direct heat. You stop it by limiting your exposure to heat. This can be done by covering yourself, using sun protection ointments or just not being outside at the times when the exposure is strong.

Dear Doctor

How do I prevent my child from ringworm? We get it treated but it keeps coming back.

Most importantly, get the correct diagnosis. Make sure what you are dealing with is ringworm. It is caused by a fungus. It will also then be helpful to know where your son gets exposed to this so that exposure can be managed.


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