#HealthyEating: 7 Veggies You Should Try Out Today

Butternut, squash, cauliflower – if the mere sound of these words are enough to make you cringe then this is for you!

It’s about time that picky eaters and kids change their perception away from those dull (blah) veggies, and explore the more delicious and mouth-watering side of them!

Veggies are known for their versatile nature, so spice up your breakfast with a vegetable and cheese oven pancake or bake some crunchy homemade crisps for an afternoon treat.

What are you waiting for?

1.Roast butternut and blue cheese frittata

2.Gnocchi with sausage and vegetables


3.Grilled vegetables and coriander pesto




4.Stuffed, baked sweet potatoes

5.Roasted butternut and cauliflower tagliatelle with herbed creme fraiche

6.Zucchini labneh tart


7.Roasted harissa prawns with tomatoes, baby marrows and mushrooms




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