Healthy And Well Suited Foods For Different Skin Conditions

The nutrients you take in your food do determine how well your skin responds to damage and how well it repairs itself. Not only will diet determine how well your body heals but it also does affect your hormones which can actually influence your complexion.

To get rid of stubborn skin problems could be a plate away.

Here are six different foods that are healthy and well suited for different skin conditions.

Dull skin
You are likely to suffer from dull and lack luster skin when your PH balance is off. Most of our diet elements such as sugar, dairy and carbohydrates are naturally acidic and when digested do affect our PH. Our body cells then try to balance the PH which exhausts the cells causing dull looking skin. For this condition, make sure to start your morning with a glass of lemon water. The alkaline properties in lemon will help balance your PH thus freeing up energy for your body cells, which will lead to radiant skin.

Dry skin
For dry skin, make sure that your diet has lots of healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil and walnuts. These foods contain omega 3 fatty acids that help strengthen the skin membrane. When you have strong and healthy skin cells, your skin is then able to retain more moisture.

The best food to eat to help deal with acne should contain zinc, an anti-inflammatory mineral that helps prevent the growth of bacteria that causes acne. Such foods include chick peas, oysters, lentils and pumpkin seeds.

Skin discoloration
The best way to prevent skin discoloration is by using sunscreen but adding certain nutrients to your diet can also help with this. Lycopene is one such nutrient that is an antioxidant and helps protect the skin from sun damage, discoloration and formation of freckles. Tomatoes and watermelons are both rich in lycopene.

The best way to fight wrinkles and fine lines is with spices. They are easy to add to your diet and contain very strong anti-aging phytochemicals. Turmeric and ginger are two such spices. They have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help prevent the free radical damage which causes skin to age.

Sagging skin
To help deal with sagging skin, take foods that are rich in selenium which helps with the skin’s elasticity. Such foods include Brazil nuts and shitake mushrooms. Also take foods that are rich in Vitamin C such as colorful peppers and kiwi. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen which helps keep skin firm.


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