Happiest And Unhappiest Traffic Countries In The World

most congested city in South Africa

A new Traffic Satisfaction Index run by global traffic network, Waze, shows that South Africa’s drivers are some of the unhappiest in the world.

The index looked at 186 metros in 38 countries across the globe, and ranked them in terms of their traffic density and severity, road quality and infrastructure, road safety, and access to road services.

Out of the 38 countries assessed, South Africa ranked 26th overall, in the lower third. Johannesburg, the only South African metro assessed, fared even worse, ranking 172nd out of 186 metros.

The Waze Index found that El Salvador, the Philippines, Guatemala, Panama, and Indonesia are the least satisfying places to drive globally, largely due to intense traffic and low socio-economic factors.

For the second consecutive year, the most satisfying place in the world to drive is the Netherlands, thanks to its smooth traffic conditions and solid road quality and infrastructure. Rounding out the top five are France, the United States, the Czech Republic, and Sweden.

Happiest and unhappiest traffic countries

# Country Satisfaction score
1 Netherlands 7.54
2 France 7.42
3 USA 7.22
4 Czech Republic 6.91
5 Sweden 6.88
26 South Africa 4.34
34 Indonesia 3.54
35 Panama 3.48
36 Guatemala 3.36
37 Philippines 3.13
38 El Salvador 2.85

While Joburg was showing how dissatisfied South African drivers are on the global map, looking more locally, Cape Town still takes the cake for having the worst traffic in the country.

Findings from Tom Tom earlier in the year showed that Cape Town motorists had to spend 30% more time in traffic than Joburg drivers (27%).

The Cape Town local government is aware of its congestion problems, and city mayor Patricia de Lille announced in November 2015 that the Western Cape government would spend R750 million to improve levels of traffic congestion in the city.





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