For Guys: Reasons Why Ladies May Find Relationship With You Boring

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As much as every lady wants to reach a place in her relationship where she completely understands her man and know how his mind works, they still expect to be surprise to have their mind blow occasionally.

If, as a man, you are not meeting this criterion you are not doing your relationship right and you need to change quick.

In your desire to turn things around, here are the things to change, because they are the reasons ladies may find relationship with you boring

You are too predictable

In the movie “Good Deeds” by Tyler Perry, Wesley Deeds [Tyler Perry]  was so badly predictable that his wife Natalie [Gabrielle Union] could say the exact words he would say and the exact things he would do at some particular time.

It was terrible to the point that even sex between them was the same way everytime. Now, that sounds pretty boring, right?

When you stay in a relationship with someone for a certain amount of time, they get to understand you and how you act and react in certain circumstances.

To maintain a level of excitement in your relationship, though, you should still retain the ability to throw your partner a [pleasant] curve occasionally… to catch her by surprise every once in a while.

You need this.

You do not know how to say no

There are some times you should be able to say no to your partner.

There are some times you should be able to say no to your partner..

Being too nice actually pisses some women off. It sounds and feels really absurd, but the truth i women exist who do not like to be over-pampered.

Sometimes, you should say no to some demands she makes.

But be sure that you do not overdo it.

You should look for a way to maintain the fun in your relationship

You fear confrontation

Relationships experience fights and lovers’ quarrels and to an extent they thrive off these things.

If you are one of the type that avoids confrontation by all means and you let your partner catch the vibe that you are confrontation-shy, you could be labelled boring.


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