For Guys: 4 Things You Should ‘NEVER’ Lie About To Impress Ladies

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What do you do when the truth about yourself seems insufficient to project the image you think will make your crush notice you?

What if the things you have actually done, and what you actually are do not sound interesting enough to catch her attention, and actually make you win her?

What do you in that instance? Do you go ahead and present yourself as you are, or do you actually skew the truth a bit to make you look better, more fun, more masculine, richer, etc?

In case you do not know, there is always someone out there who will love you for what you are, someone whose whole life has been waiting for someone like you, with whom you’ll just gel and make a very perfect couple.

So why lie, when it is obvious that the lies never makes sense to?

You should never lie about anything to impress women, especially about these 4 things:

1. Relationship status

If everyone got a dollar for each time they heard a story about a guy lying that lied about his relationship status, the recession in Nigeria at the time of writing this article might actually never have happened.

This unnecessary but very rampant lie is perhaps why men are now being [wrongly] referred to as scum.

2. Occupation

The story is told of a guy who engages in Internet fraud and hits it big.

He marries a woman off the lie that he is a contractor who gets one or two big contracts in a year.

They marry, his yahoo yahoo scheme falls flat, the marriage scatters when the woman finally gets to know.

It is an unwise move to lie to a woman with whom you intend to get serious. Somewhere along the line, the lie comes out and the relationship suffers heavily as a result.

Relationships based on lies always end badly. Always.

3. Financial status

There is absolutely no sense in this too.

Women are not all about the money and there are many of them who will be more than willing to grow with you till you are financially stable.

There is no point lying about a status you can not even keep up with.

4. Sexual conquests

Here is another ridiculous lie that’s meant to be completely ignored but somehow remains in the culture of Nigerian men chasing women.

A man goes on and on about how many women he has slept with, how good and great he is in bed, and how he knows just where to touch at every particular time during sex, when in actuality, he does not even have the tiniest knowledge of the thijgs he boasts of.

This lie will always come back to bite your behind and it is always more sensible to avoid it.


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