This Guy Makes Brutally Honest Charts, Graphs About Life

Matt Surelee makes new charts, graphs, and diagrams on a whiteboard every day about life experiences.

If you’ve learned anything about life at this point, it’s that it’s not easy at all. There are risks, complications, and plenty of decisions to make. But it’s not necessarily an unsalvageable nightmare either. There are ways to deal with the ups and downs that life throws at you.

You just have to see beyond the confusion and figure out what’s what.

To that end, we introduce you to Matt Shirley, a genius who has been creating charts to unravel the mysteries of life in order to make better decisions. Best of all, this genius has decided to share his super creative charts on social media.

But you certainly won’t need a master’s degree in order to figure these charts out.

These brutally honest and oh-so accurate charts are so easy to understand that even a kid could figure out. Who knows? It might even help you to solve some of life’s problems too.

From first date locations to going for a run, his brutal honesty will have you laughing out loud.


Written by southhow

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