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How The Guptas Brand Got Corrupted In South Africa, See Full Details


The troubled Gupta family, who claim a scope of organizations in South Africa, have had every one of their records with various banks shut evidently as a result of charged questionable business dealings.

What’s more, without banks they can’t pay their staff, which they have put at almost 8,000.

In any case, how could we arrive?

At the point when the Gupta siblings, dear companions of President Jacob Zuma, touched base in South Africa as normal workers from India in the 1990s, they built up a PC business Sahara, later going ahead to purchase up stakes in mining and designing organizations, an extravagance amusement hold up, a daily paper and a 24-hour news TV station.

But those very lucrative businesses are now at the heart of their fall from grace in what has been termed “state capture” here – allegations that the family, through a slew of corrupt deals, have used their influence to access millions of dollars worth of government contracts.

The three brothers, Atul, Rajesh and Ajay have always strenuously denied the allegations.

South Africa’s four big banks, ABSA, FNB, Standard and Nedbank told the Guptas in March 2016 that they would no longer provide banking facilities to the Gupta-owned Oakbay company and its subsidiaries.

Some have said the scandal points to a bigger problem for South Africa and its governing African National Congress (ANC).

“We can’t only blame the Guptas. We must also blame their collaborators inside our movement and government as well‚ and unless we deal with that‚ we are on a slippery slope.”

The principal connection between the brothers and Mr Zuma came through the president’s son, Duduzane.

He has worked for the Guptas for 13 years, starting out as a trainee at Sahara Computers.


Up ’til now, nobody has been captured or accused in association of any claim of defilement connected to the Guptas.

They stay unflinching in their refusals, saying there are no cases to answer and that they are currently during the time spent demonstrating their innocence “notwithstanding unwarranted media affirmations”.

Regardless of whether the Guptas quit South Africa totally is, now, a future just known to them.Offering up totally and moving the returns seaward would take some time, regardless of the possibility that they needed to.In any case, their dealings in South Africa have influenced an extensive variety of individuals, organizations and establishments both inside and past the outskirts of South Africa.



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